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Watch Movie Szuler (1994)

The year is 1750. Europe is in a ravaged state following a plague. Victor Moritz and Rufolf de Sevre are gamblers, frequenters of elegant casinos and fashionable brothels. Rudolf is a young aristocrat, charming and charismatic. His degenerate behavior has an animal intensity. Victor, though leading the life of libertine, remains to one side. He is a man of a refined taste despite his low birth and buys his noble title thanks to his gambling skills. Victor and Rudolf have been inseparable friends for years. Then two young, beautiful and innocent people - a brother and sister - enter their life...

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Les Naufrageurs

Watch Movie Les Naufrageurs (1959)

In 1852, the famine on a desolate Britanny's island named Blaz-Mor, off the coast of Finistère. Some residents exalted hold responsible the young Moira (Renée Cosima), equivalent to a witch. The old Marnez (Charles Vanel), "head" of the island, is trying to restore calm and opposes Yann Le Heart (Henri Vidal), the fiancé of his daughter Louise Kermelen (Dany Carrel), who wants causing a shipwreck to save the island from famine.

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The Intestine

Watch Movie The Intestine (2016)

The Intestine is the story of Maya, an unhappy young woman, fed up with her monotonous job, filthy apartment, and the responsibilities of caring for her drug-addicted mother. One night she comes across Philip, a man of wealth, and the next morning wakes up alone in his large suburban home. With Philip nowhere in sight, Maya attempts to gain possession of the house.

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El juego del ahorcado

Watch Movie El juego del ahorcado (2009)

Two lovers break the law and struggle to stay together when carnal obsession causes tempers to flare.

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I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old

Watch Movie I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old (2002)

Taraneh is a model 15-year-old Iranian girl, studious and filial, who supports her ailing grandmother with a job at a photo shop and visits her father (who has been imprisoned for reasons never made clear in the film) bearing gifts of cigarettes and magazines. But when Amir, a young man from a well-off family, sets his sights on Taraneh and courts her with an intensity that borders on stalking, her well-ordered life spirals into chaos.

Watch Movie Doubt (2009)

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A Night in 67

Watch Movie A Night in 67 (2010)

If you thought TV shows in which audiences and juries judge musical acts were a relatively new phenomenon, you'd better think again. In the 1970s, such "festivals" were incredibly popular in Brazil. They were recorded before a live studio audience, and usually featured a number of elimination rounds. They also formed the springboard for the career of many a big-name star, such as Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Roberto Carlos and Gilberto Gil. Appearing on such a program was no cakewalk, however: audiences could be as wild in their condemnation as in their appreciation of an artist. Extensive archive footage (including performances and behind-the-scenes interviews) from a turbulent final of the Festival of Brazilian Popular Music one evening in 1967 paints a fascinating picture, not only of the transformation of Brazilian music into real "festival" music, but also of a society starting to buck against the yoke of military rule.

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Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut

Watch Movie Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut (2009)

The enlightened and extra-terrestrial Brazilian genius-multi-instrumentalist flies to Asturias in 2008 to give a music workshop. His journey takes us on another: that of his career, the ostracism with which he would be punished, his perpetual crusade for the materialization of “the idea”, his unique inspiration and incredible sense of humour. All emitted through his words and those of the people that surround him. An authentic pioneer, a free and cosmic spirit.
Palavra (En)Cantada

Watch Movie Palavra (En)Cantada (2009)

Palavra (En)Cantada is a documentary directed by Helena Solberg, who makes a journey in the history of the Brazilian songbook with a look at the relationship between poetry and music, sewing testimonials of great names of our culture, musical performances and amazing research of images.
Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now!

Watch Movie Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now! (2012)

A look of the 21st century for one of the most important cultural movements in Brazilian history. The production brings a mix of interviews, concerts, artistic interventions and actors in small sketches. An intersection of the social and artistic contexts of 68 with the current one.

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Watch Movie U-turn (2017)

When you’re young, some of your strongest and most rewarding relationships are with your friends. The kind who support you to become who you really are. Inspired by U-turn and classic girl crew nostalgia, we want to celebrate those kinds of bonds with this short film from director Emma Higgins.

Watch Movie Outage (2015)

With a storm going on outside, Lucia and Regina are forced to confront each other about what is really happening between them.